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Save some for me: Ciabatta Bread Stuffing

So I got this idea from a friend who keeps all of her recipes on a blog.  If you are like me I get recipes from friends, websites, a million cookbooks and keep them in a million different spots; recipe box, recipes folders, bookmarks, different cooking websites.  This is my way to keep them all in one spot…and why not share them as I save them.  So hopefully you get something out of this blog also…hopefully some yummy food.  And if you happen to have a recipe that is wonderful, please share also.

So the first recipe that I’d like to share isn’t mine (most of these aren’t) but it’s one that I LOVE and we just had it this past week for Thanksgiving.  It is AMAZING!!!

It’s from Giada  De Laurentis
Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta

I do make a couple of adjustments
I throw the bread in some butter and saute it for a few minutes
I don’t use all 8 oz of pancetta (about 5 oz)
I only use about a half of a large onion
I only use 1 garlic clove